Ward Farmhouse

Street Address: 53233 Fir Road

Architecture: Federal

Year Built: 1865

Year Landmarked:

City Ordinance:

National Registry #:

This farmhouse was built in 1865 by Daniel Ward who travelled to California to search for gold and accumulated a small fortune. Ward subsequently lived on the farm with his wife until 1892. An 1895 Atlas lists Daniel’s brothers, Simon and Jacob, as owners of the property.

The house started its life as a Federal Style structure before the Ward family added the cupola and other Italianate features we see today. The clapboard Italianate Farmhouse sits on a brick and stone foundation and is topped with a glass enclosed monitor or “widows-walk” bracketed eaves and a veranda with ginger breading.

Over the years, a number of businesses have occupied the house including a water softener business and a woman’s clothing boutique. In 2015, with development taking place in the immediate area, it was moved from its original location at the northwest corner of Cleveland and Gumwood Roads to University Drive Court, where it is currently used for as a mediation center for an attorney’s office.