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Mayor Dave Wood formal headshot picDear Friends and Neighbors,

It is an honor for me to serve the citizens of City of Mishawaka as our City’s 21st Mayor and I am very excited and humbled to serve my fellow citizens, many of you family, friends and neighbors.

I have always been so proud of our employees for the outstanding work that they do and am now excited to work with them as my role as Mayor. I believe that you will find that we have the best, brightest, and most dedicated employees at the City of Mishawaka serving our citizens. Together, we will continue to deliver the very best City services that our residents have enjoyed and relied on for decades.



National Apprenticeship Week

In recognition of National Apprenticeship Week November 14-18, 2022, Mayor Wood has issued the following proclamation.

City of Mishawaka Proclamation

"National Apprenticeship Week"

WHEREAS, 2022 marks the 85th Anniversary of the National Apprenticeship Act and today, the City of Mishawaka known as the best hometown in American is proud to recognize these professional individuals in our City, community and across the nation; and,

WHEREAS, National Apprenticeship Week is celebrating its 8th anniversary of raising awareness of the vital role Registered Apprenticeships provide in creating opportunities by allowing apprentices to “earn while they learn” and preparing a pathway to good, quality jobs and well-paying careers in the City of Mishawaka and across the nation; and,

Mishawaka, a Vibrant Community, a City that Cares

Finally! After years of planning, construction, coordinating and moving, we are fully in our new City Hall building and it is fully functional -(ish)! It has been well received and I believe it will serve you well for decades to come. A lot has been communicated and promoted about the major revitalization of the downtown, including the new Mishawaka City Hall, the Skate Ribbon and plaza in development as well as development to the north, and all of the major developments throughout the city. However, our neighborhoods and their parks are central to a strong, vibrant community and central to the core of a healthy, habitable and growing Mishawaka. We try never to lose sight though, that its sometimes the seemingly small projects that make the most impact on people’s lives.

Our main strategy in Mishawaka is to focus on quality-of-life improvements. Mishawaka has always been at the forefront of investing in its services, infrastructure, and amenities such as quality parks. To that end, we are continually juggling projects big and small.

Public Safety - Priority Number One

Mishawaka Communicator - A Letter from Mayor Dave Wood

Public Safety - Priority Number One

There is no service provided by local government more vital than public safety and here in Mishawaka, it’s my priority number one. We put our (which is to say your) money where our mouths are! Police and Fire represent the biggest departments in Mishawaka government in terms of money allocated in our budget and number of employees (by far the largest employee groups in the City).

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