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The Dodge Electric Light and Power Company was incorporated on November 29, 1890. The company was organized for the "production of electric light, heat and power for commercial, domestic and manufacturing purposes."

The town of Mishawaka rented and operated this fledgling electric utility for a decade. In 1903, the town purchased and expanded the company's lines, incorporating under the name of "Mishawaka Public Utility Company".

On January 3, 1905, 13,000 volts of electricity were turned on at Mishawaka's first electric station, supplied from the Hen Island dam power station northeast of the town. The station supplied electricity to nearly 4,000 customers, as well as to 225 post lights and 200 arc lamps.

The emphasis today is still on the word "public" as Mishawaka remains one of two thousand communities across America which own and operate their own electric utility. We purchase all our city's electricity needs. Our 45 employees, located on 12th Street, construct and maintain the distribution system, consisting of nearly 300 miles of lines, 11 substations, and now 32 miles of fiber. As of 2010, this system serves a population of 47,000.

And our rates? Mishawaka's 27,000 electric consumers enjoy electric rates which are slightly below average for cities our size in Indiana, which is one of the nation's lowest-cost energy states.

While owned by the City of Mishawaka, our efforts are not supported by tax dollars. We are a division of Mishawaka Utilities, and our operation is totally financed by the customers we serve.



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