Mishawaka Utilities Electric Division - Tree Line USA

The first young buds of spring sprouting on a cool April morning. The lush green canopy of leaves blowing in the warm summer breeze. The vivid shades of red, orange and yellow bathing the City in an autumn pallete on a crisp fall afternoon. The strong row of tall pines majestically braced against frigid winter winds. All of these images are provided by trees…Mishawaka’s urban forest. It may be something we take for granted, but it is a very special part of what makes our City a great place to live.

Tree Line USA Program

At Mishawaka Utilities Electric Division, we are proud of our Tree Line USA status. It is an award given by the National Arbor Day Foundation to utilities that follow guidelines set forth to manage their urban forests. In order to qualify for this honor, the Electric Division must meet the qualifications in five required areas: Quality Tree Care, Worker Training, Community Tree Planting & Public Education, Tree-based Energy Conservation and Arbor Day Observance. We are completing our 12th year as a Tree Line USA utility. We can also claim the elite distinction of being the only municipal electric utility in the state of Indiana to hold the designation of a Tree Line USA utility.

Mishawaka Utilities Electric Division takes the care and maintenance of the City’s urban forest very seriously. In our daily tasks, we are constantly “interacting” with trees. We find it necessary to trim, and sometimes even remove trees in order to keep our overhead lines clear. To manage this, we contract an urban forestry and vegetation management firm who, in turn, hires and directs arborist services. Maintaining our overhead facilities by keeping them clear of tree growth and potential damage due to storms delivers a level of service and reliability that is one of the highest in the state.

Arbor Day Celebration

Each year in April, the Mishawaka Utilities Electric Division underwrites the Arbor Day Celebration. We help to provide trees to plant at the site of the ceremony. We also assist with providing seedling trees to give away to all of the 5th grade students in the Mishawaka Schools. By giving trees to students, we help them to add to the City’s urban forest in a real hands-on way. It also shows them that they can make a difference and contribute to the future of the City’s beauty and leave a legacy for generations to come.

It is important that we protect Mishawaka’s urban forest. By following certain procedures and protocols, Mishawaka Utilities Electric Division does just that. As a Tree Line USA utility, we help to maintain a healthy urban forest. We also provide safe, reliable electric service to our customers, who are also our neighbors and partners. They rely on us for the power to help them live a more convenient, comfortable life in the Princess City…the best hometown in America!



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