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The subject of wastewater is one that many people shy away from; but, the fact is, the Mishawaka Utilities System for proper wastewater planning, implementation, and management guarantees not only safer water supplies but several side benefits that may interest you as well.

Our Wastewater Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Mishawaka's wastewater treatment plant, located in Lincoln Park just west of downtown. Our policies, rates and charges are governed by Mishawaka's Sewer Use Ordinance, which is amended from time to time.

We are also responsible for certain aspects of the City's sewer system, including maintenance of 28 remote lift stations, monitoring and reporting activity of 19 combined sewer overflow (CSO) structures, and the operation of the combined sewer overflow control program.

In addition, we operate the Biosolids Facility on South Logan Street, the site for our dewatering operation, the Biosolids Land Application program. Our Wastewater Division operates a full-service laboratory, providing process control testing and regulatory compliance analyses. The laboratory is also State-certified for drinking water analysis.

Mishawaka's Wastewater Treatment Plant is a Class IV facility, with an average capacity of 20 million gallons per day (MGD). About half of Mishawaka's sewers are "combined", carrying both sanitary sewage and storm water. During rainfall events, the capacity of the sewer system can be exceeded, allowing sewer overflows to discharge to the river. Our operating philosophy is to treat as much storm flow as is physically possible. During wet weather, our wastewater plant can treat up to 42 MGD. The 2008 upgrade and plant expansion resulted in a 50% annual reduction in combined sewer overflow volume to the river. For more information or to receive notification of these Combined Sewer Overflow discharges please visit our CSO page.

Our Wastewater Treatment effort is predominantly funded by the customers we serve - our rate payers. Our rates are available online. Tours of the plant may be arranged by calling 258-1655.

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