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The Mishawaka K-9 Unit currently consists of three German Shepherd dogs. One of the K-9s is dual-purpose trained in both patrol and narcotics. The other two are younger dogs and have only been trained for patrol. They will be trained in the future for narcotics.  


To support Uniform and Detective operations in search of outstanding felony suspects, misdemeanor suspects armed with firearms, lost and missing persons, and recovery of illegal narcotics and evidence.

Meet the K-9 Teams

Cpl. Chad Thomas has been a Mishawaka Police Officer since January 1999. Currently he is assigned to the Uniform Division on the Midnight Shift. He and his new K-9 partner Rex started their duties in January, 2011. Cpl. Thomas and Rex are trained in patrol. Cpl. Thomas is also a member of the SWAT Team and is a certified Less-Lethal instructor.

Cpl. Anthony Stachowiak has been a Mishawaka Police officer since February, 2002. Currently he is assigned to the Uniform Division on the Afternoon Shift with his K-9 partner Max. They are the newest members of the Unit having started in January, 2011 and have been trained in patrol tactics.