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City of Mishawaka Proposes a Designated Outdoor Beverage Area (DORA) Ordinance

An ordinance proposed in the City of Mishawaka, if passed, may establish an Outdoor Refreshment Area in downtown Mishawaka (in and around the Ironworks Plaza, The Mill, Biergarten and Beuter Park).  There would be an established schedule when the DORA would be open which would clearly define the days of the week and hours of the DORA.

The State of Indiana passed a law on July 1st that will allow cities to designate an area for outdoor alcohol consumption.

The Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, better known as DORA, would be along the St. Joseph River and off of Main Street.

City administration and Common Council leadership believe this will help attract more visitors, people, and local businesses to the downtown area.

The proposed space, off the St. Joseph River in Downtown Mishawaka currently contains Sun King Brewery, Social Cantina, and Mishawaka Public House.

Those businesses would be included in the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area.

Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood believes this would effectively increase foot traffic.

“The DORA would allow anyone to walk within that designated area with beverage of choice in their designated DORA cup. It essentially gives more freedom to our patrons and event visitors and potentially increased business for our outstanding vendors.” said Mayor Dave Wood.

Mayor Wood communicated that the city of Mishawaka has done thorough research on surrounding areas that have adopted a DORA.

“Dublin Ohio is one and Niles Michigan is another one. What we found out based on our research is that the DORA’s have been very successful in terms of generating new business and communities with DORA’s are not being negatively impacted by increased alcohol related issues.  We have also learned that visitors coming to these communities with DORA’s very much prefer these intentionally designated areas. It allows just for more freedom of movement with the beverage of your choice within the designated area,” said Dave Wood.

The Common Council leadership says the success of downtown Mishawaka has drawn the interest of several businesses.

Council President Gregg Hixenbaugh says there will be a special public meeting of the Mishawaka Common Council Public Health and Safety Committee on Monday August 14th at 6:30pm, at City Hall in the Council Chambers about the DORA and there is no need to rush this decision.

“The informational session, where the administration can make a presentation. This is an opportunity for citizens of Mishawaka to have the opportunity to ask questions and also garner input from the community including the business owners who would be a part of the proposed district,” explained Gregg Hixenbaugh.

City leaders say these specially designed DORA cups would only be allowed in the designated area and cannot be taken outside of the boundaries or and designated area.

The Mishawaka Common Council is expected to vote on the DORA in September following the special public meeting.