New Traffic alert – Charles St from Lincolnway East to Vistula Rd restricted to thru traffic. (6/4-8/16) Access to Twin Branch Park and parking lot is open. NIPSCO has also notified the City of Mishawaka that a very necessary and immediate repair/maintenance is going to take place on their 16″ Steel Pipeline on southbound 331.  There will be partial lane closure southbound 331 starting Wednesday, 6/5/2024 on 331 near Dragoon Trail and Dragoon Trail will be closed west of 331 (1,600 feet) for excavation.  The work may take longer than five days to complete. It will most likely take crews five days to repair the line with additional days to do inspection and clean up/restore the excavation area. NIPSCO is looking at closer to being in that area for two weeks.    
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Front Porch Friday With Mayor Wood Was A Success!

On Friday, June 7th, 2024, Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood hosted Front Porch Friday from noon to 1:00 pm. The event was held on the front porch of the Mishawaka Utilities Business Office at 107 North Main Street, Mishawaka. Mayor Wood looked forward to meeting with the people of Mishawaka individually to hear about their experience living in the city. Doing so through Front Porch Friday is a quaint way for citizens to meet with Mayor Wood one on one. 

“Front porches are as American as apple pie, and the history of the American front porch is in some ways the history of the American people as well,” says Mayor Wood. “It is a place to gather and experience community and have conversations with family and friends.” 

Front Porch Friday had a great turnout full of citizens of all ages. Mayor Wood shook the hands of those who came to share their stories. Each person was escorted personally by Mayor Wood to sit next to him and communicate their thoughts on living within the city. Mayor Wood demonstrated his admiration for the people of Mishawaka and was humbled to hear their experiences firsthand. 

Mayor Wood truly took his time to learn everything he could from each person. Whether it be a young girl asking about arresting mosquitoes, a family advocating for how much they love Mishawaka parks, or a gentleman talking about his love for utilities, Mayor Wood was glad to listen to all individuals about anything. Mayor Wood even stayed an extra 30 minutes after Front Porch Friday had concluded to speak with a family about anything and everything. It is admirable to see a mayor so dedicated to the citizens of the city. 

Mayor Wood often says that “mayor” is one of the best titles in all politics because the job “mayor” is unique to American politics. A mayor can have a vision, develop plans, form partnerships, build coalitions, and get things done for the betterment of the community. Mayor Wood takes that statement one step further and advocates for higher quality of life with help provided by the people in the community.

Mayor Wood was so blessed to have received so much feedback from the community. Mayor Wood truly cares for the people of Mishawaka, and through the opinions and ideas of the people, Mayor Wood will continue to work for the betterment of our community, and to improve the quality of life.