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Mayor Wood, Card & Associates and South Bend Mishawaka Leaders Break Ground on New Mishawaka Youth Athletic Facility

Mayor Wood, Card & Associates and South Bend Mishawaka Leaders Break Ground on New Mishawaka Youth Athletic Facility

Mishawaka, long known for its retail presence, has emerged as a regional business services and medical care center. Mishawaka’s growth, economic impact and quality of life will be enhanced by adding this major youth sports destination.

City of Mishawaka and Visit South Bend Mishawaka leaders have been working with Card and Associates since 2018.  We are pleased to report that we worked through the funding, planning and partnership dynamics.  A separate tax increment finance district, one million dollars a year pledge from the St. Joseph County Hotel/Motel Tax and 5.25 million dollars in READI funds from the State of Indiana are fundamental to this project.

Mayor Dave Wood stated that, “ As a result of the new, major youth Athletic Center, what is important to the City of Mishawaka is the tens of thousands of visitors that will be coming from outside the area that will be a significant benefit to our many hotels, businesses, and restaurants in Mishawaka and the greater region.”

Visit South Bend Mishawaka is extremely confident this facility will generate increased tourism.  Hotel occupancy will be positively impacted throughout the year to supplement seasonal peaks.  “The Mishawaka Fieldhouse will have an immediate positive impact upon opening not only for the residents of Mishawaka, but for the entire St. Joseph County community. From providing a local attraction for all to enjoy to welcoming tens of thousands to Mishawaka each year, the Mishawaka Fieldhouse will be an important asset and robust contributor to the economic vitality of our area.”

Card & Associates portfolio includes the Pacers Athletic Center in Westfield, Finch Creek Fieldhouse in Noblesville and Community Sports and Wellness Center in Pendleton.  Each site is maximized with complementary tenants, major partners and solid tournament and league relationships.  With each of these locations, additional economic development occurred rapidly adding to the overall positive impact for the city, its residents and nearby businesses.  “Card & Associates is excited to become part of the Mishawaka and South Bend community to add a vital sports asset,” says Andy Card, Card & Associates CEO.  “This Fieldhouse will kick-start the area’s transformation to become a vibrant and welcoming destination.”

The indoor multi-sport component will be completed in construction’s first phase.  The project includes a 220,000 square foot building that houses ten multipurpose courts, two turf fields, concessions, support, bleachers and medical tenant space.   The current construction schedule anticipates grand opening in the third quarter of 2024.  Future phase construction will commence later in this period.  The 220,000 sq. ft. multi-court facility will begin construction in the third quarter of 2023.