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Mishawaka Fire Department Goes Above and Beyond

Recently the Mishawaka Fire Department (MFD) C-Shift E-3 gets was called for an elderly female lift assist. This elderly female lives alone and independently. The MFD crew found her lying in her bed that had collapsed to the floor, but fortunately she was uninjured. She was, however, unable to get out of the bed. The MFD crew assisted her out of bed and found the slats that were supposed to support the mattress had fallen off as they were not secured to the bed frame. The elderly female stated that this was the 2nd time the bed frame had come apart in the past 3 days. After making sure she was not injured, the MFD crew informed her they will be back to secure the bed, so it won’t happen again. E-3 returned to the fire station to get screws and a drill. The MFD crew then returned, screwed down the support slats, and puts the mattress back on so the elderly female can sleep well with a strong, secure bed.
Great work going above and beyond the call by FF Escobedo, D/O Gnivecki, and Prob FF Rose.