Memorial Day Parade Route – The parade starts at 3rd and Main and heads north to Mishawaka Ave, turns west along Mishawaka Ave passing the review stand at Mishawaka Ave. The parade route ends at Mishawaka Ave and forest where a commemorative ceremony will be held. The route is designed to pass through key landmarks, allowing maximum participation and viewing for all community members.  Because of the parade there will be road closures along the route.
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Mishawaka Police Department Recognizes Pfc. Anthony Stachowiak and K9 Fradi as Officers of the Year

The Mishawaka Police Department and the City of Mishawaka are thrilled to announce that Pfc. Anthony Stachowiak and K9 Fradi have been named the recipients of the prestigious “Officers of the Year” award for 2023.

Throughout the year, Officer Stachowiak and Fradi demonstrated exceptional dedication, bravery, and professionalism in their duties. Their outstanding performance and remarkable achievements have truly set them apart as exemplary members of the Mishawaka Police Department.

In 2023, Officer Stachowiak and Fradi were recognized as Officers of the First and Fourth Quarters for their outstanding contributions to public safety. They played a pivotal role in apprehending multiple offenders who posed a threat to the safety of our community. Their involvement in various incidents, including pursuits, shots fired, burglaries, and domestic violence calls, led to numerous successful apprehensions and the recovery of illicit drugs, burglary tools, and dangerous weapons.

Officer Stachowiak’s exceptional handling of K9 Fradi reflects his dedication to ensuring the highest standards of care and training for his canine partner. Together, they have demonstrated remarkable teamwork, readiness, and effectiveness in responding to dangerous and chaotic situations, ultimately ensuring the safety of fellow officers and the public.

The Mishawaka Police Department Administration is immensely proud of Officer Stachowiak and Fradi’s accomplishments and the unwavering loyalty and dedication they exhibit in their daily duties. Their commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to us all, and it is with great honor that we present them with the well-deserved title of “Officers of the Year” for 2023.

Please join us in congratulating Pfc. Anthony Stachowiak and K9 Fradi on this outstanding achievement. Their commitment to serving and protecting our community exemplifies the highest ideals of law enforcement, and we are grateful for their invaluable contributions to the safety and well-being of Mishawaka residents.