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The Mishawaka Fire Department Is Proud of Their Newest Promotions!

On July 2nd, 2024, at the Board of Public Works and Safety/Utility Board meeting, Mishawaka Fire Chief Bryon Woodward, Assistant Fire Chief Josh Jester, and the city of Mishawaka Fire Department celebrated the promotion of Nick Pritz and Justin Hall. Hall and Pritz were promoted from 1st Class Firefighter to Lieutenant. Their promotion is a milestone in their careers that highlights dedication to service and commitment to leadership.  

Nick Pritz MFD 205- Lt. was hired into the Mishawaka Fire Department in March of 2018. When Pritz arrived at MFD, he already had impressive certifications under his belt. He was hired with certifications in Firefighter 1 and 2 and EMT-Basic. Pritz is also certified to the Fire Officer 1 Level in Indiana.  

The department understood Pritz’s determination, so Pritz was provided with the opportunity to attend paramedic school, which he completed in 2020. Pritz has been granted his Lead Paramedic status by the St. Joseph County EMS Commission. While working with the MFD, Pritz spent a chunk of his career with the B Shift, and at Station 1. With so much time spent at Station 1, Pritz spent his time utilizing Engine 1, Truck 1, and Medic 1.  

The Mishawaka Fire Department is also celebrating the promotion of Justin Hall MFD 201- EMS Lt. Hall was hired by the Mishawaka Fire Department back in November of 2017. As of most recently, Hall has been assigned to the C Shift at Station 2, and Medic 2 is where Lt. Hall has also most recently been assigned.   

When Hall first arrived, the department offered him the opportunity to attend paramedic school. Hall took the chance and completed paramedic school in 2020. With a driven work ethic, Hall gained his Lead Paramedic status shortly after his paramedic school completion from the St. Joseph County EMS Commission. Lt. Hall is a well-respected mentor by newly certified paramedics.  

Nick Pritz and Justin Hall were promoted due to their hard work and commitment to uphold the Mishawaka Fire Department’s mission: minimizing the loss of life and property through suppression, rescue, education, code enforcement, investigation, and other programs. Pritz and Hall are proud examples of what it means to be a dedicated Mishawaka firefighter, and the promotion to Lieutenant is a testament to all protection and attentiveness in every aspect of their service.