Ironworks Plaza At Beutter Park Groundbreaking Ceremony

The City of Mishawaka will have a ground-breaking ceremony for the Ironworks Plaza on Monday July 15th at 1pm at Beutter Park. The current phase of the project includes a Biergarten, restrooms, parking, and significant utility work to allow for future construction phases. Funding for the 6-million-dollar investment is coming from the City’s Consolidated Tax Increment Financing District along with $114,000 of Regional Cities funding that was previously approved by the South Bend-Elkhart Regional Development Authority.

The Ironworks Plaza Biergarten is a unique event and gathering space that will be used for respite and festivities for all ages. During the summer months, as part of the City's Summer Concert Series and for limited special events, the Biergarten will be limited to those over 21. The center of the ´╗┐new multi-use building will be a service area for beer and limited concessions. Individual occupancy restrooms are also included in the design. The stainless steel, wood, metal, stone and concrete elements of the improvements are intended to tie into both Mishawaka’s history and future. This is another project being created to provide unique additional event space along the City’s popular Riverwalk and increasingly vibrant downtown. 

The project was designed by multiple consultants led by Lawson Fisher Associates Civil Engineers of South Bend. Other design consultants include Arkos Design, Hellman Sechrist Architecture, Context Design, and Stantec. Earlier this year the City awarded Phase I to C & E Excavating for $3,926,950, and Phase II to Ziolkowski Construction for $1,998,200.00. Both projects will be substantially completed this winter to allow for the spaces to be used starting in the spring of 2020. 

Phase III of the project ,which is programmed to be completed for use in 2023, includes the completion of the plaza, a café, winter skating area, festival area, event stage, skate rental, kid party room, art sculptures, and summer misting fog cooling area all in a unique urban garden setting.

Due to other construction in the area, parking for the event will be along Mill Street or in the Municipal Parking Lot immediately adjacent to the newly established Chicory Café.